Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic Psychotherapy Benefits


Life can be stressful and sometimes we don’t have the support or the tools to be able to cope adequately with that stress. Somatic psychotherapy can help us to work with and through the challenging situations and experiences we have had in our life. It can help us to learn how to best live our lives. What makes Somatic psychotherapy different that traditional therapy is its focus on the body. Although there is lots of research on the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy in the management of chronic pain, because of the focus on the body we have chosen to offer somatic psychotherapy to our patients. 


Is Somatic Psychotherapy Right For You?


Pain and injury often have a mental, emotional component that is often overlooked. When we treat in high definition we can address the emotional components of injury and bring about a more long lasting relief. 


Our Approach?

We take an integrative approach often called the Biopsychosocial model in clinical healthcare circles. This means that we recognize that state of mind and beliefs are extremely important in the treatment of pain. Somatic psychotherapy can be used for many different things and in our clinic we dig down to the root of the thoughts and beliefs that either perpetuate or resolve the pain that you are feeling. This will assist in a quicker resolution and help you to develop a mind set that allows you to manage pain more effectively. 


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