Physical Rehabilitation

Our Approach To Physical Rehabilitation

Our team of movement specialists are experts in helping you move pain free so that you can keep doing what you love. We work together as a tight knit team so that we have all hands on deck and ready to find the best training routine for you. This ensures that you get the best possible treatment for a speedy recovery, without surgery.


The power of focusing on movement is that we are looking at your whole body. Your posture, your habits, your lifestyle and we are getting a complete picture of how you move. Our multidisciplinary approach looks not only at the physical components of movement, but also the emotional and mental components in order to develop a full spectrum treatment.  


After we have assessed your movement we will retrain your gait, release muscle tension, and build strength so that you can feel your best. Some of the modalities that we use are:

Active Release Technique


Neurokinetic Therapy

Functional Movement Screen

Selective Functional Movement Assessment


Most of the techniques we use have been developed for pro athletes and they will not only help you heal, but will improve performance in all areas of your life.  


Benefits Of Physical Rehabilitation:

  • Helps you move without pain
  • Get to the source of your pain
  • Supports a fit and strong body
  • Assists you in recovering faster
  • Improves flexibility and strength in the joints and muscles
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves mental health
  • Teaches you how to prevent injuries


Physical Rehabilitation Is Good For:

  • Injuries that haven’t resolved
  • If you have persistent pain
  • If you have limited mobility
  • If you post-surgery scar tissue
  • If you are striving to recover from training faster
  • If you have any type of injury (sports- or overuse-related, repetitive motions at work, etc.)


Your Visit

There are key phases to physical rehabilitation: a thorough assessment, treatment to reset the tissue, reinforcement of new patterns, and retraining of better patterns. The ultimate goal is to put you in control so that you can manage any condition that you are experiencing.  


We start with an in-depth examination so that we can understand how you move and why you are in pain. Then we design a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan. Even if you have worked with a physical therapist or personal trainer before we use a series of movement tests that can identify some new information so that you can figure out what is going on.  


Most of our treatments are active, with the goal of getting you moving. Your progress is closely monitored and your treatments are modified as you become stronger. What we do in the clinic will support what you do at home so that we can optimize your body’s natural healing process and get you moving pain free.  

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