Concierge Wellness and Performance Program

Our concierge wellness & performance program is one of a kind. This program is designed for executives and high powered individuals who have such a busy schedule that they often struggle to fit it in.  


Imagine if you could have a priority appointment so that you could come in when you have time, even if you only give us a days notice?


Imagine if our team would come to you in order to ensure that you are staying on track with your wellness and performance goals?


Imagine if you could email or text the doctor with any questions you may have?


Imagine if our doctors joined you at your favorite fitness class and watched your every move to ensure that you are doing it right?


With our customized concierge programs you can have all or some of these benefits.  


This is our most sought after program and we only offer a limited number of these programs. If you want to learn more please inquire below.

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