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Merging the Latest Science with the Sacred through Functional Neurology and Ayurveda

Flourish Health Center

Flourish Health Center combines a mindful approach to health care with the latest in research informed treatments for neuro-musculoskeletal pain. We recognize that spine and joint pain need to be treated in high definition. For the last century modern medicine has focused on specialization and modern care for conditions such as back pain and neck pain rely on imaging such as an MRI or Xray and the use of conservative care like chiropractic and physical therapy or drugs and surgery. Rarely has the individual who is having this pain been adequately assessed. There are many systems of medicine that utilize a personalized approach. This includes Ayurveda which believes in creating strength and resilience through the entire body and mind with rituals and routines that help to insulate you from modern stresses. The personalized principles of Ayurveda are uniquely tailored to joint and spine pain.

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At Flourish Health Center our goal is to understand the individual who is experiencing pain, not to diagnose the pain. We recognize that your unique physiology and psychology play a significant role in how your body recovers from injury and improves performance. Our goal is to create a customized program that is effective. .

We strive to do what is best for patients and so there are no long term care plans and our approach will often focus on all the evidence informed modalities that can help you recover quickly. Treating in high definition means that we look at your digestion, sleep, and joint function. It means that we are coaches and that we understand your psychology and the role it plays in your recovery. It means that we look at you as a whole and see your response to injury and pain as one aspect of the entire tapestry of your life.