Welcome to Flourish Charity

Collaborative Medicine Institute focused on improving health and well-being for all community members through education, support, and advocacy

Our mission encompasses our interdisciplinary approach to solving problems in healthcare. Over the last 100 years medical interventions have become more specialized. Through this specialization there have been significant improvements in the treatment of many diseases, and we are forever grateful for these advances. Also, during this time many diseases have not had any improvement and some diseases have become more prevalent. It is our belief that through improving collaboration and communication among specialists we can finally move the needle on these disease processes. The institute is designed to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration, especially between professional approaches that are considered more complimentary and alternative and those thar are more conventional. Through this collaboration we can utilize the best of both Eastern and Western approaches to medicine and make sweeping changes in the health of our communities. Here are some of the initiatives that we have been working on since 2023.

Mindfulness for Healthcare Providers

Since 2020 there has been an explosion of burnout and compassion fatigue among medical professionals. It is our belief that this is due to the environment promoted in medical institutions and by the mindset of the medical professionals themselves. Most approaches to reducing burnout focus on the medical professionals, teaching them skills for stress reduction and managing stress better. We believe that these approaches are helpful, but if the culture of the institution is not also addressed then these changes will only go so far. That is why our programs focus on teaching administrators how to make changes with how things are done in addition to teaching the front line medical personnel tools for mindfulness and stress reduction.

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Promote Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The primary goal of this program is to promote understanding between complimentary and alternative medical professionals such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, and naturopathic doctors with MD’s and DO’s who specialize in general practice, orthopedics, and many others. Most of us fear what we don’t understand and by helping to create relationships between medical providers with different levels of training we can ensure that patients get the best possible care.

Improve mental health resources in schools

It is hard for many people to believe that there are very few schools that provide mental health resources for their students. School counselors may have an office onsite at many schools, but they are not seeing students at these schools. It is our belief that since 2020 there is a need for onsite mental health resources at schools. We are collaborating with the school district in order to ensure that every school in Jackson county has a full time mental health therapist on staff.

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Attract Talent and Cutting Edge Equipment to Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon struggles to attract talented doctors and cutting edge equipment. Many of the wait times to see specialists in this area are excessive. We are committed to attracting talented doctors with competitive compensation packages. We are also committed to researching cutting edge equipment for different specialties and getting grant money to purchase this equipment.

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Low Cost Chiropractic and Functional Neurology Clinic

In 2022 a low cost chiropractic and functional neurology clinic was opened in Medford, OR in order to serve patients who don’t normally have access to these services. The clinic has been providing care to 100’s of patients and relies on support from the community in order to subsidize the fees of individuals who are receiving chiropractic and functional neurology care.

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